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Newsletter December 2014

REHACARE, a great success for FERRIOL-MATRAT

Rehacare is still the most important trade fair worldwide for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care.

Thank you to all the people who came to our stand to discover or rediscover our adaptive equipment during REHACARE.

The Joëlette has been very successful during the demonstrations at the sport  centre in Collaboration with the disabled sport association "Behinderten-Sportverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V." (BSNW).



Designed in 2012, the Jöelette Twin double– wheeled chair is more and more requested by end-users searching for new functions that are more adapted to their sporting activities.

The TWIN Kit is adaptable to the classic model of the Joëlette and is equipped with two wheels, a shock absorber and a patented pantograph system which compensate the uneven terrain.

We propose you to better discover its different assets, but also its limits, through several testimonials coming from Canada, France, Italy and Belgium.

See the video

More information on our website



Jérôme CAZADE - Le Coeur & les Jambes


Our association «  Le Cœur et les Jambes » (Heart and Legs in English) uses the Joëlette TWIN on passable routes, notably half-marathons and marathons. Recently, we participated in a marathon called  Montréal Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Which allowed little Maëlle living the race from inside and crossing the finish line together with all the other runners. We also climbed Mount-Royal which dominates the City of Montreal.

The two-wheeled model is perfect for guides who discover the Joëlette and who don’t have to worry about the balance. However, you need to get used  to it in steep turns because the Joëlette tends to bend down naturally.

I used the material all alone for a 40 kg child which is not possible with the single-wheeled version.



Leonardo Paleari - Il cammino Possibile


“I use the Joëlette TWIN with untrained groups who are not familiar with the use of the classic one-wheel version of the Joëlette, always making sure that it will only be used on adapted terrains, that is to say on small open trails, free of stones and slightly inclined laterally.

Both, passengers and guides found the Joëlette Twin quite comfortable and easy to use because it doesn’t need particular attention for keeping the balance.

Indeed, the lateral balance of the Joëlette TWIN really reassures the two guides. They can concentrate on the back and front balance which is essential in order not to get tired as well as to the comfort of the passenger. 

On the other hand, a small intersection of salient stones might be sufficient to block the TWIN so that we are obliged to carry it. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the trip beforehand to make sure this kind of situation does not occur. Indeed, it is possible to carry the vehicle in case there are stoned sections but should there be too many, the in “jöelette twin” becomes more of an obstacle than a support compared to the standard model. You just need to choose the adequate version, single or double wheeled, according to the type of excursions."

Giuseppe Padovan



"This year we have used the Joëlette TWIN as a group during a race but also during hiking excursions in the mountains or hills. We practiced on all kind of terrains: asphalt, stone paths, earth grounds, grass, rocks, mud and sometimes snow. Last year, we notably participated to the “Mezza Maratona del Brenta ».

We use the Joëlette in particular with Daniel “Lele”Marcon. He is tetraplegic because of Multiple Sclerosis. He is able to sit on the Joëlette during two hours and finds it quite comfortable. It allows us to change the guides even without having to stop during the races.

We also explored very very difficult trails and we had to be seven or more to push while climbing!”





("Association St James' friends")



"Every two years, we use the Joëlette during a 17 days pilgrimage on the way of Saint James.

We have a Joëlette Twin for touring on suitable ways, green paths and roads with slight inclinations as well as asphalt roads.

It is more comfortable for the passenger and easier to handle. In particular, for tor female assistants located in the back who realized that keeping balance is easier due to the jockey wheel demanding less efforts.

Inclinations are well equalized, stability and handiness are easier. On paths which are in good condition, the Joëlette TWIN can be handled by only one guide."




"WALLOON FEDERATION of Sport for Disabled people"


"In general, we use the Joëlette Twin on asphalt during our 10 km races.

The passenger is more at ease and assured due to the better balance. He just needs to get used to fact that the Joëlette bends in curves.

Compared to the single-wheeled chair, there is a higher facility to keep the balance and it is quite more comfortable when using it on asphalt

By the way, curves should be taken with a higher range than with the single-wheeled one."



Yannick CALLEY - MDPH 90 


"We use our Joëlette Twin for walks and races.

It is comfortable and reassuring to the passenger and easy to pilot. Compared to the single wheel one, the Twin gives more stability and balance and it is also easier to find guides.

On the other hand, there is a lesser choice of possible routes since you need to find larger paths and also it is more difficult to transport in a car because you can’t remove the wheels."


"The Grand Raid of Joëlette"

with Philippe Croizon and Run Handi Move

The Madmen's Diagonal - Réunion island

After 65 hours of efforts, on Sunday, October 26th, Philippe Croizon and 20 handicapped children, having been pushed by 50 assistants of the “Run Handi Move Association”, succeeded the “Raid of the Joëlette”.

They had to cross mountains, follow paths close to cliffs and  face meteorological conditions alternating from drizzle, the cold at night and daytime-heat.

The swimmer who linked all five continents will keep an amazing memory. “This is something very strong, it’s magic “, he tells us with strong emotions. “I did not expect anything like this. We must congratulate the guides, I am deeply thankful. Thanks to them I discovered Reunion Island and spots inaccessible to me. We crossed magnificent sites, what they are doing for the children is incredible.

Review their adventure with videos and photos of the course : 

Videos :BFM TV -  Reportage France Télévisions - SFR Grand Raid

Photos : Picture Prod




A wire wheel and a disc brake for all Joëlettes 

Due to high demand of our users, all the Joëlette are now equipped with lighter wire wheels and better performing disc brakes.



A new video from the beach for the Sofao 

Our access and bathing chair, the SOFAO, gives everyone the possibility to have pleasure while bathing on the beach or at the pool.

In order to improve comfort, the foam head rest has been removed and replaced by a batyline® tissue (ultra-resistant material) identical to the seat. This allows both smaller or taller individuals to adjust the head support according to their size.

See the Video



 For sale : Bathing chair SOFAO



Due to the new model, we offer our SOFAO used only for demonstration and during exhibitions on fairs.

Factory price, excluding transport and tax: 1516,59€ instead of 2175,36 € for a new one.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Our company will be closed for Christmas holidays from the 24th of December until the 5th of January.

Please take it into account for possible demands.


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