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Newsletter July 2015

Remarkable Events With the Joëlette !


Competitions and excursions where the winner is always the solidarity. 

FERRIOL-MATRAT had the chance to participate to some of these events organized in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. 

We strongly hope that these anual events will reunite more and more Europeans in order to give to the Joëlette community an intercultural dimension.





Once again, the number of particants has grown strongly during the 9th edition of the world championship of Joëlette, which took place on Saturday, 16th of May 2015 in Fouras (Charente-Maritime Region), France. Indeed, 74 Teams were at the starting line.

There were mostly teams from all over France, but also from Switzerland and Spain. Even a team from the island "Reunion" was among the participants.

Like last year, there were three categories : femalemale and mixed

The competitors showed an excellent performance. The winner team "Team Adeline" needed only 48 minutes for the 10 km distance. The last team came in 40 minutes later, still happy because of having made it. Anyway, the main reason for attending at this run is participation itself and spending a good time together among friends.

The 10th edition of the Championship of Joëlette will take place next year on Saturday, 7th of May 2016. Next time, we will meet in Rochefort hoping to achieve 100 teams. 


Photos 2015





Currently Turin is the European Capital of Sport. At this occasion, the Club Alpino Italiano, group la Montagna che aiuta organized a hike on the hills of Turin on Sunday, 14th of June 2015.

Despite the rain, many participants with their Joëlette joined the hike and enjoyed the panorama view of Turin from an amazing surrounding.

This meeting of different associations and organisation once again showed that inclusion is feasable and that really everybody may have access to nature.

Once again thanks to the organisers and and their steady good mood !







The non-profit organisation "Joëlettes sans frontières " organised the 3rd International Criterion of the Joëlette on Sunday 7th of June 2015 in Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium. 

Hereafter the end-results of the run :

Male : 1-Clément Team ; 2-Les Aventuriers ; 3-Les Max

Female : 1-Les Drômes de Dames ; 2-Les Schtroumphettes ; 3-Les Alouettes

Mixed : 1-Les Eclopés ; 2-Bécassine ; 3-Jojo et ses Lettes

After the run, the organisers proposed three hikes allowing the participants to discover the beautiful town of Marche-en-Famenne and its surroundings.

A report TV LUX



Please find hereafter the portrait of some winning teams :


The "CLEMENT TEAM" with a new record !


It took them 43 minutes and 10 seconds to run the 10 km distance. Please click here to view the video.

For several years now, the two friends Philippe Herman et Annette Poulain, have organised holidays for disabled people in Trentino, Italy on behalf of ALTEO, a non profit organisation.  Their main goal is creating a goup of handicapped and non-handicapped members sharing moments of exchange and solidarity.

Furthermore, in 2012, they created the association "Rêves-Assis". A nice team always looking for new challenges !

Les Alouettes, a team which is always motivated !

We met the team of l'IMS Ciney, "les Alouettes" who was 3rd of the female category.  

"We would like to promote inclusion by the means off "jogging for all". As soon as we can, we put on our sneakers and start runng with a Joëlette in the surroundings. Fun and laughter is guaranteed!"

"Les aventuriers", a family affaire !

François, passenger of the Joëlette, his two brothers and two friends were second of the male teams. They needed 45 minutes and 45 seconds. They were 10 minutes faster than last year and they hope that they can improve until next year. 

"My brother participated at a hike about ten years ago near Namur and he liked it very much. So we launched a challenge for all our family and some of our friends and started during the International Criterion", told us David after the run.




In order to promote the Joëlette in Germany, we went to two events, one in Berlin and one in the countryside of Palatinate.


Each year, Berlin's Johannesstift organises the Run of Spirit. This year more than 3000 runners participated in different runs :  starting from 400 m up to 10 km distances. "Sports for all", once again, was this year's motto. Handicapped and non-handicapped persons, different religions and nationalities. Runners besides people in a wheelchairs, walkers together with blind people, runs for families and friends having all a lot of fun together.

The Joëlette was used by the sportsclub "Inklusiv" of the Johannesstift, in order to promote the idea of sports for all.




The Natursportopening 2015 on April 26th marked the new outdoor season at the center of nature in Palatinat in the region of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. Several activities such as runs of different length, nordic walking or even tai-chi were proposed to the public.

Several visitors used the opportunity to have a test ride on the Joëlette or the Joëlette Twin.





FERRIOL-MATRAT will be closed fom 3rd of August until 28th of August, 2015.  

Thanks for your anticipation.

We wish you a nice summer season !



Soon, our new website will be available! We will show you places where you can use the Joëlette. There will be a blog, an agenda of different events as well as other interesting information concerning the Joëlette.

And here exclusively our new logo !






during the week-end of August 8th and 9th 2015 . 

L’A.S.D. Majella Sporting Team – Section Trekking, in collaboration with the  associations “Il Cammino Possibile” of Rome and “Carrozzine Determinate Abruzzo” of Montesilvano, supported bt the National Parc Majella, the city of Lama dei  Peligni and the E.B.R.Art Abruzzo, will organise a "National Meeting of the Joëlette” on August 8th & 9th 2015 . Everyone is invited !

A team consists of 3 ou 4 particants, no matter wether handicapped or not.

Enjoy the nice surroundings and especially the "Refuge Fonte Tari" : www.rifugiofontetari.it

Inscriptions are possible until 25th of July, 2015 juillet 2015 at following e-mail address : [email protected]. 

Three formulas for housing are proposed.

For further details please consult or download the exact programme on the website of Fonte Tari (in italian)

Please contact rapidly the organisers  :

Ardente Giuseppe - +39(0)328.2226707


D'Ulisse Angelo - + 39(0)366.642654 - Majella Sporting Team - [email protected]



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