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New videos for the Joëlette new generation!  

The Joëlette new generation, with its new smart and quick transfer system and its enhanced functionnalities, is now available! 

In race or hiking mode, it enables anyone to have access to outdoor activities, in race or hiking mode!

Available in the classic one-wheel, Twin or electric version!


The Joëlette new generation in hiking mode!

The wealth and diversity of natural spaces accessible to anyone!




The Joëlette new generation in race mode!


Team spirit and great running sensations for all!

Before the update of our website...

Click here to discover more technical details on its new functionnalities


Summer holidays

FERRIOL-MATRAT will be closed from the 30th of July until the 28th of August.

Nice summer to all of you!


Contact us for more information : export@joeletteandco.com


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